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Client Testimonials

After having had chronic complications, tension, and pain from a
twenty-year-old injury, I have so far experienced an amazing 50 percent
recovery and improvement through receiving acupuncture treatments from
Elisha Livni. He is perceptive and dedicated in his approach to healing.

Cindy Campo

Acupuncture therapy works wonders for me. My health in general has improved; I am stronger physically, I no longer worry about not having enough energy to get through my work day, and my nerves are a lot steadier. Even my old injuries, which sometimes caused me a lot of problems, have responded quite miraculously. Having resigned myself to “live with it,” this was very surprising to me. The ugly painful swelling in my skin has been with me for thirty years—being inoperable, even Western medicine was unable to provide a solution. Elisha never gave up. I had no real expectations beyond controlling the pain, which he managed to do with the first treatment.

As I transition through menopause, he has helped me to eliminate my night sweats and sleep disturbances, and regulate my digestion.

Beyond all of this, though, there has been a huge improvement in my attitude towards my work. Being physically challenging, a good attitude is important because it allows me to provide better service.


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