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Acupuncture is very effective in removing the blocked energy and involves the insertion of very thin needles (about as thin as a hair) into various acupuncture points to stimulate healing. Acupuncture is often used in the treating of chronic pain, flues, colds, injured workers, injured athletes, athletic and sports injuries, pulled muscles, leg cramps, arthritis and tendonitis in hands, wrist, and shoulders, food allergies, and seasonal allergies.

Herbs contain natural nutrients just like wholesome food. However, herbs restore the body’s balance more quickly.

Moxa is an herb that has healing properties. This herb is generally used by burning it close to the skin. The Moxa burns like an ember, with no flame. Heat created by the moxa invigorates and strengthens the energy flow in the body.

Cupping, a procedure involving the use of plastic cups, is commonly used on the back. Its purpose is to restore circulation and to pull out toxins from body tissue.

Elisha can also provide medical massage combining his knowledge of acupressure, reflexology, shiatsu and swedish massage with Traditional Chinese Medicine theories and techniques.

Diet and Lifestyle
Life style concerns one’s work, rest, hours of sleep, exercise, sexuality, stress level and use of muscle groups. Living in balance in any of the above areas brings health into one’s life, but living out of balance (to little or too much) can bring on disease.

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