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Moxa is an herb that has healing properties. This herb is generally used by burning it close to the skin. The Moxa burns like an ember, with no flame. Heat created by the moxa invigorates and strengthens the energy flow in the body. People usually enjoy this treatment, though some are bothered by its smoky element. Moxa treatment is often used as a preventative, as well as a treatment for chronic low energy and/or a condition of coldness. For example, during the winter it is common for people to catch colds. If a person has a runny nose with clear fluids, the acupuncturist can use the moxa to warm two spots on the upper back. This treatment often relieves the runny nose quickly.

In the old days of China there was a tradition for women to burn moxa on a spot below the knee. This spot is a major acupuncture point and is known to strengthen the entire body. Burning the moxa was done directly on the skin and left a scar. When a man would look for a wife he would check for those scars to insure that the woman he wanted to marry had been taking good care of herself.




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