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Herbal Prescription Information

How to Take

• Take the appropriate number of pills at a time (written on bottle), one or more hours before or after a meal (in other words, on an empty stomach).

• Take with hot water only, not cold. Taking with tea is not recommended.

• If you are taking more than one formula, wait half an hour or more before taking the second (and third, if applicable) formula(s).

• If taking Western drugs, allow 2 or more hours to pass before taking the herbs, in order to prevent adverse reaction.

When Not to Take

• If pregnant, lactating or during menstrual period.

• In the event of cold or flu, stop intake of herbs. If you wish to speed recovery, you may want to make an appointment for a specific acupuncture treatment and a different, specific herbal formula. (Don't worry about passing on your sickness to the practitioner.)

• If taking strengthening herbs, do not take after 5pm as they may affect your sleep.

• Do not pass your herbal prescription on to anyone else, even if s/he has a similar health complaint.

• If you have any concern about the effects of the herbs, please consult the practitioner.

Please note: Herbs can take up to three weeks for proper effectiveness, so diligence in administering them is required.

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