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Yin and Yang Theory

In Chinese medicine, yin can be likened to water, yang to fire. Yin is associated with the following bodily organs:


Also, yin is given the following attributes:


Yang is associated with these organs:

Lower intestine
Gall bladder
Small intestine
Urinary bladder

Yang has the following attributes:


Yin and yang theory helps one understand the causes of disease because this theory can take a complicated disease and reduce it to only a few causes. Like the picture on a computer screen, no matter how complex the image, it can be simplified to the pixels that make it up. The basic components are either “plus” or “minus.” In Chinese medicine, the causes of disease are either too much or too little of yin or yang.

When yin increases, yang decreases, and vice-versa. They keep each other in check, as in the engine of a car, where a lack of water in the radiator will cause an increase of heat, or over-heating. Also, yin and yang cannot exist independently. It is the same as with light and dark. For instance, in the daytime, there are shadows. At night, there is light such as moonlight, starlight, and man-made light.

Both yin and yang complement each other. When they are in relative balance, health is found. If either of them is in excess or deficiency, disease occurs.

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